Rich Milz with 10 natural swimming pools

Rich Milz with 10 natural swimming pools

10 natural swimming pools



“Waded through the river with the guides then swam in a tide pool hanging right over the edge of the falls!”
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“Jumping into the waters of the Ik Kil Cenote was one of the most dream-like experiences I’ve ever had…”
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“Hidden paradise in the canyons… One of the prettiest falls… ice cold turquoise blue water…”
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“This was such a special experience… something so beautiful about being in this ancient ocean trench.”
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“Nice pool at the middle of the falls where you can swing from a rope tied to a branch and splash in the pool.”
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“I love my hot tubs and the Blue Lagoon did not let me down… the water and the mud were perfect.”
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“Just seeing the clear blue water makes you want to dive in immediately. The water was so refreshing.”
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“Small infinity pools, where you can bath amongst the backdrop of the cotton castle facade.”
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“Very refreshing and crystal clear… interesting sea-life while snorkeling, among it an electric eel.”
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“Fantastic waterfalls swimming in Wangi Falls… best of all a large rock pool under a small waterfall at Buley. “
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