Richard Milz likes Good News!

Richard Milz likes Good News!

(UPDATE) ESPN Producer Quits Job to Help Disabled Wrestlers Attend College

By Good News Network Sunday, July 14, 2013

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disabled pair with ESPN prodicerOne of the most memorable videos ever appearing on the Good News Network was a 2009 ESPN feature on a pair of athletes wrestling at a Cleveland inner city school. Leroy Sutton had years earlier lost both his legs in a train accident. His teammate, Dartanyon Crockett, carried Leroy on his back during every wrestling match and every practice.

The outstanding young men found a place in the heart of Lisa Fenn, the ESPN features producer who, after the story aired, received hundreds of emails from viewers who wanted to help send the wrestlers to college. Both said they’d like to go but that there was no money. Fenn set up a trust fund and a website, “Carry On”, to accept the donations. (Photo credit: ESPN)

ESPN decided to produce a video update, telling the story of how Lisa quit her job to take on the arduous task of applying to colleges and essentially being a mother to the boys who had lost their moms early on.

Today, Leroy is on track to earn his bachelor’s degree from an Arizona college having studied video game design. Dartanyon visited the U.S. paralympic training center and decided to switch to judo and pursue a medal in London.

“She is the largest support that I’ve ever had,” said Dartanyon in tears.

(WATCH the video below, or READ the story at ESPN)

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