Rich Milz with Chicago Blackhawks Charities!

Rich Milz with Chicago Blackhawks Charities!

What a great time to give to a great cause on behalf of a great team!


As the official charity of the Blackhawks, Chicago Blackhawks Charities pledges to support programs and institutions throughout Illinois that work towards creating a better tomorrow for the youth of today. CBC believes in a series of fundamental principles that collectively serve to support local citizens and better the lives of youth in and around the city of Chicago.

We believe in…
• aiding those who are homeless, ill, abused, or otherwise at risk
• treating individuals suffering from physical injury or disability
• promoting health, fitness and teamwork
• repressing risk-related behavior such as drug use, gang involvement and crime
• facilitating positive educational experiences that illustrate the power of learning


Since it began in October of 1993, CBC has granted over $9 million to local non-profit organizations that concentrate on any of the five specific areas on which CBC focuses. During the 2010-11 season CBC and the McCormick Foundation distributed over 1 million dollars among 25 organizations, including the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Common Threads, the Snow City Arts Foundation and more.


Chicago Blackhawk Charities raises money year-round through fundraising events, game night initiatives, and the generous donations of fans and corporations. CBC is then able to aid the Chicago community by distributing funds raised to local non-profit agencies in the form of grants.

Where? Everywhere. In the fifteen years Chicago Blackhawk Charities has been in existence, the organization has touched the lives of over 5,000,000 youths across the state. And counting!

When? Always. In or out of season, the Chicago Blackhawks and the CBC pledge to be a year-round positive presence in Chicago with scheduled event appearances and a strong commitment to community service.

Why? Our unique position in the community gives us a rare opportunity to be an impacting force not just on the ice, but outside the rink as well. We view our special relationship with the city of Chicago and our fans as a way to create better tomorrows for the youth of today.

None of our players made it to the National Hockey League alone…
It is our duty and pleasure to assist young people in reaching goals of their own.


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