Rich Milz Loves Yelp Pork Belly Picks!

Rich Milz Loves Yelp Pork Belly Picks!

Many Chicagoan’s have set aside the next few weeks to work on that summer body. But here at Yelp, we’ve turning our attention to our continued effort to pack on pounds. If you didn’t develop a pork belly this winter, you certainly will after reading this Weekly Yelp.

Big Star
(Wicker Park)

Unless you live under a rock, you know that when you’re tac’in bout pig panza, Big Star shines brightly. Willie B confirms, “It’s like a pork-u-copia in your mouth… damn, that’s awfully Guy Fieri of me.”


How can John K tell that the soy-ginger-glazed pork belly is “the single best bite of food” in the universe? “When you take a bite, then close your eyes and exhale, you’ve found a winner. When every subsequent bite follows the same pattern, that’s when you’ve found something extraordinary.”

Del Seoul (Lincoln Park)
“Fries, kimchi, pork belly, and cheese?” Besides being “obviously amazing,” this mashup is “huge, so bring a friend… or just eat cheese fries for dinner.” Molly L‘s pro tip? “Get a side of aioli. I’ll neither confirm nor deny that I’ve eaten scoops of it with my finger after running out of fries.”

Oiistar (Wicker Park)
Jeff W can eat an entire bowl of Oiimen ramen before his dinner date is “done with half of hers.” His need for speed lies in that paunch that packs a punch: “Substitute pork belly for the pork loin. The tender, yet fatty, protein” gives you wings! 

The Publican (Fulton Market)
Raised at Slagel Family Farm in Fairbury, this hog is dressed in lentils, pears, and truffles. “Imagine tender, juicy, falling-off-the-bone rib meat. Add a trimming of creamy, salty, fatty goodness. Then multiply by 10.” Kevin S speaks to the piggy power that can turn “vegetarians into hardcore carnivores.”


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