Richard Milz salutes Store owner beats back armed robber

Richard Milz salutes Store owner beats back armed robber

Excerpt From the Chicago Tribune:

The confrontation lasted just a minute and a half, all of it clearly caught on surveillance video. It shows two men in hoodies entering the store in the 2200 block of North Western Avenue around 4:30 p.m. One of them grabs Aucaquizhpe off a chair and drags him to the counter, then points a gun at Quizhpe while the other robber walks around to the cash register.

Quizhpe holds out his hands and opens the register. The robber grabs a handful of cash, and then starts struggling with Quizhpe and yells at the gunman to shoot him. At least one muzzle flash can be seen as the gunman opens fire, apparently wounding his partner who limps back around the counter and toward the front door.

What follows is a mad scramble. The gunman keeps firing as he tries to jump over the counter and reach a button to unlock the door while Quizhpe keeps hitting him with the bat. Aucaquizhpe joins in, first jabbing the fleeing robbers with an extension rod, then hurling a stool at the gunman and finally chasing them out with a red fire extinguisher.


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