Soccer Star, Dedicates Goal To Child With Leukemia

Soccer Star, Dedicates Goal To Child With Leukemia

Rich Milz read this great story in the Huffpost…

Xavi Hernández has fulfilled his promise to a sick child.

On Tuesday night’s Champions League quarter-final in Paris, the midfielder scored Barcelona’s second goal of the evening, bringing the score to 1-2 — and sparking an extra-special celebration, according to Following the point, he touched his head in tribute to Miquel, a 10-year-old soccer fan with leukemia.

Xavi, 33, learned about Miquel on a radio program about cancer, according to Sports Mole. He has fought the disease since age three and dreamed of meeting Xavi.

According to Barcelona’s official website, Xavi showed up at Miquel’s hospital with a signed shirt and two promises.

“When you are cured, I’ll take you to a Barça training session,” Xavi told him. “If I score against Milan, I’ll dedicate it to you by rubbing my head.”

He didn’t end up scoring against the Italians, so he used the penalty shot in Paris instead. And although Barcelona didn’t win the game — they tied with a final score of 2-2 — they won some hearts.


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