Elite Traveler and Rich Milz agree on World’s Best Restaurant

Rich milz read in Elite Traveler:

Spearheaded by chef/owner Grant Achatz, whose hypermodern, emotional approach to dining is respected the world over, Alinea is simply a cut above the rest.

Its team of creative staff and innovative collaborators produce a forward-thinking, deconstructed cuisine. A tasting menu of 16 to 18 courses includes such delights as black truffles, urchins, hamachi and venison.

Andy Hayler Favorite:

“Alinea is situated in an unprepossessing grey town house in the north of Chicago. Walking down an eerily lit corridor, a door silently slides open on your left and you enter the dining room, with the kitchen on full display. There is no menu choice, just a 25-course tasting menu offering an innovative and exceptionally precise balance of flavors. Sudden bursts of theatricality include a dessert ‘painted’ onto the tablecloth by two chefs. Although molecular gastronomy is not my preferred style of food, it is impossible not to admire the sheer talent on display here. For me, Alinea compares favorably with El Bulli or The Fat Duck.”


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