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Wow Bao Sign

Even as I start thinking about this post, I feel it verging dangerously close to turning into an advertorial for Wow Bao. I am sure that I can end that thought process quickly if I confess that I often have used Wow Bao as a hangover cure. There is something so satisfying and light about the consumption of some fried chicken or pork potstickers when your head is a little bit dodgy and if you wash that down with some light ginger broth you will instantly feel so much better. I first learnt that in New York when I resurrected my slightly damaged body and soul with some steamed dumplings and hot and sour soup at the Excellent Dumpling House on Lafyette.

Wow BaoWow Bao in The Loop

When in Chicago I often think nothing of riding 30 minutes down the brown line around the loop to imbibe and take sustenance of a similar soothing recovery dish at Wow Bao. My…

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